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Between is a 3D adventure and platforming game in which the player can explore the scenario in a creative way.


Between is a 3D adventure and platforming game in which the player can explore the scenario in a creative way,  with a cartoon and minimalistic aesthetic. Armed with a multi-purpose sword, Twin and his partner Bee will explore colourful worlds without any limitations, encouraging the player's ability to plan and anticipate the platforming, combat and puzzle sections.


The Isolation has brought chaos back to the universe and the worlds have been disconnected from each other. Fortunately, not all the Guardians have disappeared, little Bee and his partner Twin will be on the move to restore peace by using the extraordinary powers of the Ancient Sword.

About DrimTiGames

DrimTiGames is a team composed by Sevillian developers. After taking a Level Design course in 2019, four of the students joined together to carry out a prototype made as a final project, which ended up becoming "Between".

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Miguel Moreno Sánchez

Game Design, Level Design, Production, 3D Animation, Sound, Testing & QA

Antonio Santos-Rodríguez Úbeda

Game Design, Programming, Testing & QA

Andrés Jesús Jurado Suárez

Game Design, Programming, Testing & QA

Iván Alexis Gutiérrez Fernández

UI Artist, Level Artist, VFX Artist, Testing & QA

Víctor Adrián Jácome Vega

3D Modelling, VFX Artist

Fran Ruiz



Between Alpha.rar 64 MB


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Awesome Game!

Thank you for playing Between! :D